Washington County Cares

Washington County CARES
383 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY 12828
(518) 746-2420


Washington County CARES is a joint initiative between the Washington County Office for the Aging and the Washington County Department of Social Services, with informational and funding support from New York State's NYConnects program.

Washington County CARES, has assembled comprehensive information and service resources on home and community-based care for Washington County residents, and is working on public outreach materials to help us educate the public about the need for planning for future needs.

There are many benefits to planning ahead. Washington County CARES can help you get the services you need so that you may live safely in the most appropriate setting.

Whatever the needs might be now, or may become in the future, it is our goal to aid you, or your advocate, in exploring various levels of care, their cost, and programs that you may qualify for to assist you.

As difficult as this subject is for many people, it is important for you to know that we are here to help you help yourself. We are available online, on the phone and in person.

With all of the technology available, such as this website, it is still critical to have human assistance with this subject. It is our mission to provide that support.

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